• Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Lips Tattoo Wireless Battery Machine Pen

Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Lips Tattoo Wireless Battery Machine Pen

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Item specifics

adjustment gear:
5-9V,0.5V adjustable
battery capacity:
The output current is 2.0A, under normal 5-6V voltage operation, it can work continuously for about 3 hours, the voltage is stable, and it can be used intermittently for about 4 hours

Features :

1. The operation is simple and convenient to use, a pen can work, no need to foot the hook for power supply;

2. High-end display, with a high-definition LCD screen on the top, rich in display content, and the voltage value is clear at a glance;

3. 900mAh capacity, 6V battery life can last about 3 hours, stable power output;

4. Equipped with a high-speed hollow cup brushless motor, which has sufficient power, high cost performance and long service life, meeting the needs of tattoo artists for various patterns;

5. Upgraded faceplate structure, durable and wear-resistant, stable stroke, increase the stability and power output of the tattoo pen, reduce after-sales, and enhance the experience of use;

6. The handshaking part is surrounded by finely carved cut edges and anti-skid design, which will not be tired after long-term use, and will not be slippery when sweating;

7. Quiet output, good experience for tattoo artists;

8. The RCA conversion head is given as a gift, which is cost-effective, and wireless and wired can be converted into each other;

Instructions for use :

1. Power on: press and hold the "ON/OFF" button on the battery for 3-5 seconds to power on, and then press and hold for 3-5 seconds to power off;

2. Pause: During normal work, short press the black "switch" key to pause the work, and then press it again to resume the working state;

3. Adjust the voltage: adjust the voltage gear by pressing the "+" or "-" position of the up and down keys, and the adjustment range is 0.5V each time;

4. Power display: 4 grids of battery power display, 4 grids are fully charged, 1 grid flashes and needs to be charged;

5. Daily charging: the battery has a built-in charging port, which can be charged with a type-c data cable;

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